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21st Century Dentistry


The 21stcenturydentist for smiles – Midtown Dentist Joel F. Levy DDS, Cosmetic Dentist Larchmont, New York uses the latest techniques and materials  in all phases of cosmetic, restorative and family dentistry, from tooth lightening to porcelain veneers, as well as other aspects of tooth bonding. We no longer utilize amalgam as the material of choice in restoring a tooth with a cavity as it tends to weaken the integrity of the tooth. Bonded onlay restorations act to fuse the tooth together to restore the tooth almost back to its original strength, function, and appearance.

Our office has made great efforts to provide you with an experience that will truly be quite remarkable. We use no dental film for X-rays, we use the newest Digital X-Ray System which reduces radiation up to 90%. Everything about the office is computerized which is quite helpful in showing the patient everything associated with their current conditions. Large clear intra-oral photos and X-rays are displayed on a large monitor facing the patient right in the treatment room.

Midtown Dentist Joel F. Levy DDS, Cosmetic Dentist Larchmont, New York,  utilize a unique novocaine delivery system, which does not use a needle, but a device, known as the "wand" (as in "magic wand", since it is so comfortable). In order to make the unknown seem less threatening, we utilize a digital video system to show and explain all treatment, so the patient knows exactly what to expect. DVD movies and CD's are provided via wireless headsets to create a relaxing setting for passing the time while having treatment in the chair.

In addition, Midtown Dentist Joel F. Levy DDS, Cosmetic Dentist Larchmont, New York concentrates on only one patient at a time in one room at a time, so that we may focus our undivided attention on that particular person. Your treatment is not rushed and the office environment is not harried, but very relaxing and inviting. Our office has recently, after much investigation, introduced what is being considered the best 1 hour chairside lightening system available. It is called Rembrandt One Hour Lightening using the sapphire plasma arc light and GC TiON. (Under what's new, Click GC-tion at the bottom- look for gca exclusives to the right and click how it works)