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Tremendous Advantage of Seeing a Larchmont Family Dentist

As a Larchmont family dentist, we know there are tremendous advantages to seeing a dentist on a regular basis, and even more so when you chose to do it as a family. These advantages are apparent on both sides of this treatment equation. For your side, there is the advantage of having your teeth cleaned and making sure the entire family has great oral health. On the family dentist side, there is the element of trust, which plays a huge role in getting you the treatment you need when you need it. Family physicians have had this advantage for years, where the family trusts you as a provider because you are more than just a service provider, but a member of the family. Here is how it works. When you come in to see a medical provider, there will be a level of trepidation, regardless of how hard you try to fight it. This is because you are coming into an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by people dressed in medical garb, there are smells and sounds that are not normal to your life, and then the dentist chair, which causes severe anxiety for some folks. All this elicits the natural reaction of anxiety, or even fear, from the human brain. However, when you go in to see someone who treats the entire family, there is a much greater chance you will place more trust in the provider. It is a mental dynamic that says you can trust someone who is considered part of the family. In addition, when you know other family members who come in to see us, you’ll be more willing to bring in your children or an elderly member, since you know they will get their treatment in a safe and comforting way. This leads to a natural ability for you to relax around a family dentist, which is a huge advantage for everybody.

There are naturally other advantages intrinsic to having a family see the same dentist. For one, you are able to schedule appointments around each other in a way that makes you not have to run all over town at different times. We understand most people are seriously busy in a family environment today, and so are very accommodating to scheduling appointments that are the most convenient. Speaking of running all over town, that is another advantage. We do all your basic dental procedures right here in the clinic.

As a family dentist, we do not want you to have to run around to seek services for different family members. So whether it is fillings, braces, extractions, x-rays, cleaning, or any other procedure, we do it all in-house. This means you do not have to go anywhere once you walk through our doors. Other advantages of using a family dentist include our ability to work with things like family dental flex plans to maximize your ability to use your insurance in the most productive way.