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Tooth Whitening - Before and After

Welcome to our Smile Gallery. Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.

Sometimes, after seeing ad after ad or magazine photo after magazine photo, we are encouraged to seek out a more pleasing appearance. It is not necessarily for others, but for one's self and sense of well-being. We all realize that we will not be supermodels or poster people for toothpaste commercials. However, it will be a significant, beneficial and instant improvement. We all deserve that!

Before and After

Bleaching or tooth whitening works differently on each inpidual. Some start with dark stains and a dark tone tooth color, where the result may be questionable. The patient should be told that additional bleaching or whitening may be required in the form of a take home follow-up bleaching or whitening treatment. Communication is the key to help prevent the patient from having unrealistic expectations. In this case, with just one 45 min in office bleaching session, we were able to achieve a significant whitening result.The patient was very happy.

Before and After

Here we see the actual pre-op shade tab in both the before bleaching or whitening. In office bleaching, made a significant change in the patient's appearance. There still are various defects that ideally, we would like to see improved. However, one step at a time. We were after a lighter tooth color, and that's what we got.

This patient is presented after having tried both dentist distributed take home bleaching kits and store bought kits as well. She was not satisfied with the results and hated wearing the trays. She was very happy with the 'Rembrandt 1 Hr. Lightening' in office system.

Before and After

Nice result for a 1 hour treatment.

Before and After

Above photos are actual patients of Joel F. Levy DDS who have given consent for the use of their photos for this website.

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